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Washington DC Insomniacs

Recent Entries

8/31/05 03:54 pm - latramatae - Mmmmehhh

Hello.. I just joined.. oh about 5 minutes ago.. Its august 31st, the hour is 3:58pm now for most of you thats not late.. Take into consideration that I have been up for the past 4 days. I havent seen my bed in 5. I have a serious problem and I was wondering if there is anyone who can give me any advice.. I dont want to take sleepig pills.. I am new to this area so I dont know anyone with whom I can hang out with.. Im lost. Oo oO

8/9/05 02:34 am - tzohekiti

Its two thirty am. two hours ago I had 6 cups of Tastee Diner coffee, and now my eyes are stuck in the open position while my brain is exhausted. To top it off I've clicked and reclicked on each one of my webcomic links in hopes that someone updated in the past five minutes.

8/5/05 08:56 pm - fallingforneko

who else is going to walk out among the rainy streets tonight?

7/29/05 04:22 am - fallingforneko

Alchemy, love me.

7/15/05 03:56 pm - snowdaysroq - Hello

So I just joined this community a second ago. I'm Olivia from Cleveland Park and this is the perfict place for me, considering that even on days I have to work I seem to go to bed around 3 or 4 and be exhausted because of lack of sleep. I don't think I have insomnia per say, I am just one of these people who comes alive at night. I attend the Univ of Maryland, and that metro ride can suck at 8:00 AM on four hours of sleep, but I just can't sleep earlier because the middle of the night is when I feel the most alert and awake.
Tonight I plan to be a total dork and head to one of those Harry Potter release parties over in Friendship Heights. Is anyone else going to one of these? Alright, well, this randomness is over. Have a good night everyone!

7/14/05 10:33 pm - fallingforneko

Morning job with the inability to sleep... is fucking me over.

7/9/05 03:08 am - _esposizione

Wow, couldnt have found a more perfect community. Good morning?

7/5/05 11:57 pm - ____dead_flower - Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone had a happy forth. Anyone got down to the mall to see the fireworks? I've never gone...

6/27/05 04:57 am - shermelle

Hey. I just joined about a couple of seconds ago. I'm so bored and I can't sleep so I've spent about two hours browsing through LiveJournal.
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