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Washington DC Insomniacs

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2/14/07 02:21 am - aitrus202 - *yawn

Yo. I work at the all night computer lab at American University
(And the tenleytown starbucks if ya've seen me)

anyway, AU is closed but im still at work til 4am. this ice storm ROCKS. I'm originally from pittsburgh, so its nice to get some REAL WINTER WEATHER

i hope all you insomniacs are enjoying this as much as I am

stay warm



10/2/06 10:22 pm - happysmacks04

So i'm sick as hell and my brain is on fire.
I can't sleep regularly because I've lost my sense of time.

Ghosts of cigarettes still dance
transparent on tired fingers
eyes red and swollen
with abuse
leaking fluids which should be tears
apathy drains you
freedom and release
a sense of not knowing, of
being completely prepared
for that unknown
the eighth plague
oh scrawny dark-haired neighborboy
where have you been?
where are you going?
save me from self destruction with
your warm 'skinny hips'
let's ride down the miles
of veins from your fingers
to your heart

10/1/06 10:01 pm - myeyesfullofsky

The most beautiful time of existing is October dawn. The change of seasons is so.. alive. 
so full of an urgency to prepare for and survive the winter, 
but such a peaceful resignation for the nature-death that's approaching. 
what would we do, if we didn't have the capacity to appreciate these things? 
to understand the beauty of a sunrise 
or to revel in the spectacle of a lit-up city skyline? 
Humanity would be so lost... 
we have so much lifetime to use, 
and only so much of it can be filled with work or sleep before the body begins to feel the strain. 
Without the love of beauty, of symbolism, of other people, of words and pictures and all these things, 
we would just.. wilt. 
into the short lives of pure instinct that we evolved out of. 

aren't you glad, in the vaguely-lit wee hours of the AM, that you have this capacity? 
to at least find something beautiful in the sleeplessness? 

to make it all make sense...

8/2/06 01:17 pm - plastik_hearts

I am in love with the district.


4/30/06 01:35 am - __popularbelief

i merely want to introduce myself. though i don't live in DC at the moment (Boston), i'll be at GW this fall. and i can only imagine what fun i'll have in this community!


4/23/06 08:25 pm - cheshire_ways

I'm not in love with you, but I won't hold that against you.

2/25/06 03:31 am - _scarlet_ibis_ - Yes? No?

All of us DC insomniacs should meet late one night at a diner or something... And talk about what it is that we do all night.

Or is that silly?

11/7/05 08:45 pm - mskfitz

Anybody here work at the 930 club? There was a girl there last night (Jem show) working in the kitchen wearing a Le Tigre Shirt with a staple remover on it. And I'd really like to talk to her again. Any info?

10/15/05 10:09 pm - cheshire_ways

Insomnia ensues

9/24/05 03:25 pm - happysmacks04 - one sleepless night in DC....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh the interesting people you meet while sleepless in DC.
She's a high school teacher in NY.
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